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Episode Choose Your Story Hack

Get Free Gems and Passes Episode Choose Your Story

The internet is home to a large number of online games. Some games you can play for free, whereas you need to pay for some games. Games depend very much on your choice. Every game does not appeal to everyone.

However it could be a different story with free gems and passes.

It involves an interesting subject: writing. Pocket Gems created the games making every participant a potential writer with a unique narrative to share.

What is so special about this game?

If you are fond of weaving narratives and episodes, this game will be your cup of tea. It is simply a matter of downloading the app into your android or the apple device. You have a free platform to introduce your own plot along with your own characters. A community of readers await your interesting plot.

The game has even been instrumental in producing narratives for Episode Pretty Little Liars and many other interesting episodes. The ongoing plot outline is the first season of Pretty Little Liars. You can roam among Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer. What decide on each and every character matters in the game and subsequently on the plot of the storyline.

If you are passionate about writing stories, this game will never bore you. You can play it any device from smartphone to tablet. Apparently this game has drew much attraction during the recent times. It became popular among teenagers because most plots focus on dressing up, dating and popular stuff connected to relationships.

So you need to focus on gems and passes as you go forward in the game. As you progress in the game, you will get the opportunity to purchase many items like clothes. You can use the same items to mix the characters with more special characters. That teaches you the art of mingling clothes with the characters.

And check out for the instant feedback for your stories.

What is so special about the game is that it lets you interact with other writers and readers. And you have a guarantee that your story will have a wider audience when it is published. You can also share pictures taken on the game on facebook or any other social media platform.

You will have a good following, if you can put forward your story right. A good readership indicates your capacity as a writer. This game is in fact a tool of edutainment as it equips you with education while providing entertainment. Without any qualms, you can pass on the game to your kids. They will be largely benefitted by it as it hones their storytelling abilities. It will also broaden their imagination power.

You need to start over by submitting the email and account username. This identity check is required as a server protection. Once your identity details are submitted, you will be entitled to 100 free gems. You can get on with them, once you proceed with the verification sent to your email address.

This game is for the aspiring writer in you as farming game to a farm fan and war games to a war fan. It will definitely keep you glued to the game, once you get the hang of it. You will simply fall in love with the never-ending story-lines and the interesting decisions you have to take which sometimes tend to end in heartbreaks. That is your gateway to create the best-moving characters. With such movements, you won’t feel time passing by.

But the game is not only meant for expert writers. This game includes its own stories along with the opportunity for users to come up with their own stories too. While you create your own story, take a while to read through the stories of your fellows on the game platform. Reading the other stories might give you an idea on how to take your own story ahead.

Reading other stories is anyway interesting, as it will help you understand the mentality of your fellow gamers. Probably you will have a better idea on how to deal with your characters intricately. You will come across fashion and other adolescent topics as frequented subject areas.

The game is popular more among female users. They create the characters in a rebellious way. Most users have made it a habit to play the game almost daily.

Campus Crush is among the most popular stories of the game. It should be mostly because it lets you recall your own days at college. The game is set in Lockwood University taking you through adventures of the university life.

There are several levels, which you can finish, such as Mean Girls and Sorority Rush. In PocketGems, another popular game, you can become a member of Demi Lovato’s band. Your alter ego can go on world tours and conduct various stage shows, though in the virtual sphere.

Like most simulation games, you will need money, like fuel recharge. You will need until the characters grow, and then you will get more fuel to keep up with the game. Just wait until the characters grow. You will have gems generated everyday, and you have a potential to roam along with them. It is simply a matter of waiting with passion.

Weaving stories is the simplest way to achieve more gems and passes. Prove your mettle with an interesting narrative and be entitled for more gems and passes. You can also buy gems and passes by real money. If you plan to change your iPhone into an Android or other way around, you may need to buy gems and passes.

Did you ever wonder any other way to receive gems and passes? If so, opt for referral codes from your fellow gamers. For that, you can visit any other forum and request for one. They will be more than happy to offer their referral code.

You will need gems in order to buy special clothes for your character as you progress on the story. You will have to go for different gems to suit the different outfits.

All in all, the game is much enjoyable. Whether you are a writer or not, it will not bore you even for a slightest moment.

Free Gems and Passes Episode Choose Your Story

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